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Currently, there are more than 22,000 species of classified ants. Ants typically live in large colonies that can range from a few individuals to more than a million individuals. Ants invade homes to look for food left out by us and they prefer to nest in damp areas. In North America, the most common ant is the Carpenter Ant which is commonly referred to as the household ant.





There are at least five types of cockroaches that are common: American, German, Oriental, Brown-Banded, and Wood Cockroaches. Out of the five species, the German Cockroach is the one to worry about as it likes indoor locations. However, American and Oriental Cockroaches may also be found indoors in areas that are very humid.





Adult bed bugs are oval shaped; mahogany colored, and turn reddish-brown after feeding. They can be compared to an apple seed. Adults have a flattened body, measuring about 3/16-inch long. After they eat, their bodies become long and stretched out. Eggs are white slightly pear-shaped and about 1/32 inch long. Eggs are sticky when first laid allowing them to be placed on walls, mattresses, and much more.


Signs You Have Bed Bugs


An actual bed bug sighting.


Small, rust colored dots, about the size of a pencil eraser, on your sheets or mattress.


The cast skins (molting) of a bed bug.


Red bite marks or welts on your arms or upper torso.





Termites are often referred to as the ‘silent destroyer’ because their existence in a home might not be immediately known. There are multiple types of termites, but the Subterranean Termite is most commonly found in this part of the country. The Eastern Subterranean Termite is the most destructive wood. Termites like wood and areas that have a lot of moisture. Subterranean Termite homes are often formed in soil and contain elaborate tunnel systems. Drywood Termites live within the wood they consume and often times infest walls as well as furniture.





There are about 3,000 species of spiders found in the United States. Only a few of these species are considered to have bites that are dangerous. In general, spiders are very shy creatures, usually living in protected areas, feeding on other insects. Spiders will not purposely attack people – bites most commonly occur while cleaning areas that disturb a spider’s web or nest.


Most spider bites are not harmful to people, and those who are bitten only experience mild discomfort. In a few rare cases involving older adults and young children a spider bite can induce an allergic reaction, however only a few spiders like Black Widows and Brown Recluse spiders are known to have toxic venom that may cause medical problems.




Fleas are bloodsuckers; they are common in homes and affect pets and humans. Cat and dog fleas are the most common. Life span on dogs is typically more than 100 days — enough time for a pair of fleas and their descendants to produce millions of offspring. Even if you don’t have pets, people can carry fleas into your home.


Some fleas transmit bacteria that cause serious diseases in humans and domestic animals. Cat and dog fleas tend to attack cats, dogs, humans, and rodents. One of the main concerns about cat and dog fleas is that they can carry tapeworms that could affect young children.